PRIM uses the AudioCodes VoIP/FoIP gateway products in their fax projects. As compared to conventional ISDN cards, the fax server can be virtualized using the AudioCodes Mediant Gateway. The Mediant 800 and 1000 series are supported by Fenestrae Faxination Server.

  • Modular setup of the Mediant Gateway by using various modules such as PRI, BRI, IP among others
  • Support of codec G.711/T.38
  • Redundant network connection (Active/Passive)
  • Supports all available Fenestrae Fax over IP devices (Dialogic Brooktrout SR140, TE-Systems XCAPI, Fenestrae Faxination FoIP Device)
  • Global availability through global maintenance and support contracts

Using AudioCodes Gateways, an upgrade from older telephone systems, which do not directly support T.38, is not required. 

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