PRIM pursues a holistic consultancy approach in groupware and workflow enviroments based on Microsoft technologies Exchange and SharePoint. From organization/process consulting up to configuration and development, all critical and relevant processes will be restructured/mapped. The goal is to efficiently organize communication and coordination processes as well as the search of information. Transparent business processes allow a faster access to information and accelerate decision-making processes.

With Sharepoint and Exchange, Microsoft offers the ideal platform

  • to improve the internal collaboration within the company as well as with partners
  • to ease the access to data, information and resources
  • to quickly react to new requirements based on the current IT platform and
  • to flexibly link data, information and resources

Organizational changes are dynamic processes which companies have to face on daily basis. PRIM can help with the evaluation, introduction, extension of the Microsoft technology platform, regardless if on-premises, hosted, hybrid or in the cloud. Contact