Added Value

You have the requirement to optimize your business processes and use state-of-the-art technologies. Here you may face challenges to organize processes and if need be also to structure and standardize (Workflow Management) and work against the data/information flood in today’s collaborative software systems.

Explore and use the following potential: 

  • Challenges of dynamically forming teams with persons/employees from different departments
  • Communication technology will be specifically used on-site depending on the information. Media discontinuities between different data types will be drastically reduced.
  • Increase in productivity through identification, definition and standardization of business processes in particularly in management, sales and service  Areas
  • Automation of recurring processes that exist within a company. Mapping of the company’s approval process and transparency through insight in the process status at all times
  • Target cost reduction through fast retrieval of information and documents.

Information will be made available through modern, cross-application portal technologies anywhere, anytime and on any device.

  • Becker Mining Systems provides the infrastructure for the mining sector which includes system solutions for energy distribution, automation, communication and transportation. It was established in 1964 in Friedrichsthal, Saarland. [...]
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  • Globus SB-Warenhaus Holding Gmbh & Co.KG operates its business in 38 locations in Germany and holds own national subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Russia. [...]
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