The requirements and complexities for managing an IT infrastructure and the tasks associated with it have rapidly increased in the last few years. Companies are faced with the challenge of having to manage their IT processes with existing resources. As a result, they have to decide which technologies/applications they want to host locally or externally and also which IT services can be outsourced.

With Systems Management, processes in the IT infrastructure are defined, structured and optimized - from implementation through to operation of (new) technologies.

Companies, regardless of their size and their relations with vendors and suppliers, have to address the following:

  • Creating transparency in the work processes of the IT Infrastructure, in the deployment and operation of applications as well as in IT management
  • Type of deployment on-premises, hosted solution, cloud service or a combination (hybrid)
  • Assurance of operations and systems functionality based on defined SLAs (Service Level Agreement)
  • Dealing with trustworthy and sensitive data
  • License compliance and the associated usage rights  
  • Hochschule Fresenius is a state-recognised university under private ownership. Having approximately 4000 students and vocational students at seven locations, Hochschule Fresenius is one of the biggest and best-reputed private educational institutions in Germany. [...]
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  • MBN Bau AG is medium-sized construction and real estate company, with headquarters in Georgsmarienhütte. It has eight locations in Germany and further locations in Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland and Hungary as well as the subsidiary Rheiner Stahlbau GmbH. [...]
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