Fenestrae Faxination Server 2016/R2 – Fax/SMS Technology in New Look

With Faxination 2016/R2, Fenestrae has extended its Fax and SMS-Server to include a web-based Faxination management portal. This portal can be used to customize all important features and can be accessed using a browser. The authorization is managed through administrative active directory groups. The management of the Fax Queue and the Fax Logging can also be accessed through this portal.

Fenestrae is breaking new ground with the version 2016/R2. In addition to sending scanned paper documents via Fax, the documents can also be routed through applications like SharePoint document library, Exchange online mailbox, among others. A complete description of the functionalities can be found here: Faxination 2016/R2 what’s new.

If you are already using Faxination or require Fax and/or SMS solutions in your business-critical processes, contact us.