Net at Work

PRIM relies on the NoSpamProxy Protection Suite provided by Net at Work in terms of E-Mail security. The protection from spam, spyware, malware and further potential security threats must already be secured upon receiving E-Mails. NoSpamProxy classifies the incoming E-Mails depending on different Anti-Spam-Filters. When an E-Mail is classified as spam, the system will not accept it. Only E-Mails classified as trusted can pass through the Anti-Spam gateway. A special feature: When a trusted E-mail cannot be accepted, with the functional principal of NoSpamProxy protection, the sender will be informed about the undelivered E-Mail. The advantages are obvious:

  • Administrative effort of the users handling E-Mails is drastically reduced
  • No unnecessary storing and archiving of unwanted messages
  • Avoid unnecessary sources of error when it comes to opening E-Mails or attachments by the users
  • Easy integration of functionalities in Outlook/Browser and no additional installation of client software

With complementary software from the NoSpamProxy product family like NoSpamProxy Encryption, NoSpamProxy Disclaimer and NoSpamProxy LargeFiles, E-Mail encryption and handling of large files are significantly simplified. If you should have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Here you can find more information regarding the software products: 
Product Brochure (DE)