Customer acquisition is generally time consuming and requires more effort than maintaining existing customers!

With Customer Relationship Management (in short CRM) a company can pursue a systematic and an efficient sales process with the goal to enhance the customer relationship and keep the sales and communication processes transparent.

The 360° view gives you the possibility to establish a long and emotional bond to your customers and the ability to optimize your customer potential. The prerequisites for this are that all employees who are in direct contact with the customers “live” CRM.

Specifically, for your company it means:

  • Standardized customer communication
  • Full insight in the customer relationship through detailed overview of all customer activities and Marketing
  • Establishment of a CRM software solution to assist existing enterprise sales, marketing and service strategies
  • Evaluation and calculation of sales and marketing activities
  • Protection of investment through marketing and competitor analysis.


  • Häfen und Güterverkehr Köln AG, in short HGK, was formed in 1992 as a result of the merger between Häfen Köln GmbH, Köln-Bonner Eisenbahnen AG and Köln-Frechen-Benzelrather Eisenbahn. Currently, the logistics company employs around 600 people [...]
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  • ISS A/S (International Service System) was established in 1901 in Denmark. It has grown to become one of the world’s leading Facility Services company. ISS employs over 534.500 staff members in more than 50 countries [...]
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