As a supplier-independent consulting company, PRIM follows a holistic project approach. Careful planning right from the very start of a project is the key for success. It is essential that the customer specifies its requirements in detail and gathers all relevant persons and departments concerning the project together.

For the project approach, PRIM uses proven and tested methods that have been optimized and enhanced over the past years. Based on goal definition and requirement profile (Vision/Scope), PRIM works together with its customers to create a functional specification (FuncSpec) to achieve the following:

1. to establish a common understanding with the customers,
2. to prioritize the formulated requirements and functionalities,
3. to provide concrete solutions to the customers. 

These results lay the groundwork upon which the project can be initiated and the necessary resources can be accordingly planned. All projects guided by PRIM are carried out in accordance with the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology. As a result, every step is transparent to the customers and leads to acceptance and trust amongst the project participants

From strategy development to process design up to technological implementation, PRIM will walk you through all phases of the project. The project organization, allocation of roles, time schedule and budget must be decided together with the customer. Additionally, the requirements needed for the subsequent operation will also be defined and documented.

PRIM’s strength lies in finding the right balance between the customer’s wishes, technological possibilities and cost efficiency.


The PRIM-Method!