The following are the features of the Simego Data Synchronisation Studio Framework in combination with Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Flexible connection of third party applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM via WebServices. Support for ODBC, OleDb, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, SharePoint WebServices, Excel, CSV, XML
  • Uni-/bidirectional data transfer individually and time-controllable through tasks
  • Fast implementation and low cost due to less coding
  • Includes efficient tools like Design Mapper, Monitoring, Scheduling, Versionning, Change Control, Log Storage, among others.

Proprietary interfaces belong to the past. With the Data Synchronisation Studio Framework and our process know-how, PRIM digitizes your data processes and eliminates media discontinuities: fast, efficient, transparent, data consistent und highly available.

Interested? Are you already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and are thinking about using a standardized solution to integrate your data processes, we would be pleased to advise you. Contact

Further information on Data Synchronisation Studio:
Data Sheet