Added Value

Using unstructured and reactive management in maintaining the IT infrastructure is time consuming, expensive and extremely error-prone. As a result, ensuring operational and system reliability in the IT infrastructure and business applications has gained immense significance to avoid production outages and critical disruptions in business processes. Existing customer/vendor relations as well as auditing institutes (depending on the industry) demand the presence of a defined and implemented Systems Management strategy to support your IT management to act proactive on incidents and take appropriate measures

Being “compliant” by implementing the required business processes can give you the decisive competitive edge. The optimization of operation, monitoring and services will eventually lead to an overall improvement of the quality of operational readiness with calculable costs.

A Systems Management strategy offers you these advantages:

  1. Increased transparency in IT costs due to defined requirements by the persons responsible for the business process (SLAs)
  2. Decrease of support requests through transparent IT processes
  3. Accelerated innovation through standardization
  4. Efficient resource management
  5. More time for the day-to-day business
  6. Defined procedural guidelines for ensuring the compliance criteria (business processes, license management)
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