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Based on our long experience, we have gathered that considering licenses alone is not sufficient, but should be tightly coupled with your corporate strategy. As an independent and authorized partner we use the PRIM-Method, here together, we go through your processes and identify and show you ways to optimize them. Every step is structured in accordance with SAM ISO certification which is comprehensive and transparent at all times.

For the efficient and successful implementation of such a SAM project, we first begin with a kick-off workshop where the motivation, project goals and requirements will be defined and prioritized. Only based on the defined requirements (present/future) and in close collaboration with those responsible on the customer’s side can the achieved results be sustainably used within the scope of the project.

We, as a partner distinguish the following aspects in our SAM Projects:

  1. SAM Baseline – License inventory and reconciliation with the required license entitlements. The outcome is an Effective License Plan containing a comparison of the inventory of installed software against your license entitlements
  2. SAM Assessment – Gathering organizational processes in association with licenses and license management in alignment with the ISO standard for SAM 19770-3. Actual and desired evaluation of processes using the maturity model (SOM)
  3. SAM Deployment - Introduction of a tool based software solution for collecting and inventory of software assets, gathering required information/documentation as well as for mapping relevant organizational processes

After defining and prioritizing project goals, together, we identify which necessary key topics are parts of the first project phase. From our side we have to consider which changes are planned or have to be implemented in the short, medium or long term. Depending on the targeted goals it will be decided which methods and tools will be applied on the inventory.

A SAM Project can only lead to the best possible outcome when we are aware of your (IT-) strategy beforehand! Furthermore, the results achieved with the SOM model can be used to draft a commercial assessment of the project e.g. ROI consideration, among others.

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