Software Asset Management (SAM) is a series of business processes needed to manage, control and protect a company’s software assets throughout all stages of their lifecycle. With SAM you gain an efficient support to optimize your IT resources as well as a concrete decision support for your growth strategy irrespective of the hardware or the purchasing process.

SAM is nowadays often seen as a component of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and through the different ITIL versions is continuously being developed further. The relevant SAM processes are documented in the ISO 19770-3 standards. This standard is the international recognized basis for certifications.

The SAM Optimization Model (SOM), based on the Infrastructure Optimization model (IO), provides a framework to structure SAM processes, define policies and accurately evaluate tools.

With SOM you know where you stand!




  • MBN offers complete solutions tailored to the customer's individual needs. The company is active in the sectors of turnkey construction, civil engineering, metal and façade construction as well as estate and facility management [...]. MBN Bau AG has grown constantly over the last 10 years. [...]
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  • In order to have more time for the consultation and the treatment of patients, many dentists use service providers to handle their invoicing process. A company providing such a service is the Abrechnungsgesellschaft AG (ZA AG) from Düsseldorf [...]
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